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Waterproofing Services

Water damage can be very costly for residential and commercial properties alike. Not only does it deteriorate prized possessions, furniture and possibly the infrastructure or foundation of your home, it can also lead to black mold formation. Toxic molds love to grow in dark, damp places like your basementand crawl spaces. Mold growth is something you don’t want to happen because the problem can quickly spread and lead to health problems.In order to prevent water from taking over your basement, you should use the waterproofing service that we offer at Dry Home Waterproofing and Drain Repair. This will enable you to stop floods before they happen, saving your property from potential water damage.

waterproofing exterior foundation

Get Waterproofing for Your Property Before Rainy Season

If you’ve ever seen water leaking into your basement, it’s necessary to contact a licensed plumber right away. With the waterproofing service we offer, you will receive indoor and outdoor waterproofing systems that will help to drain away excess water caused by rain. During this process, an alternative pipe will be installed, so to draw water away from your property’s exterior. Sump pumps can also be used in the same manner, but are instead placed inside of your home or business. This will ensure that floods don’t occur.

To determine the best option for your property, our team will inspect and evaluate your property. We will look at your property’s overall construction, potential water problems, water flow and other specific needs your home or business has.waterproofing interior basement

Rain isn’t the only way your basement could potentially become a flood zone. It could also be caused by a leaking pipe and groundwater. Wherever the water is coming from, you want it to be drawn away from your basement as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that it doesn’t flood.

If you have yet to have waterproofing done for your property, give Dry Home Waterproofing and Drain Repair a call today for a free estimate!