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Interior Waterproofing

Having your basement’s interior waterproofed should be the first step to protecting your basement this winter. When it snows and rains. Damage in your walls and floors can allow water to seep through. This causes leaks and floods. Water damage is an issue that can be minor or major. Other than destroying your belongings. It could lead to the destruction of your foundation’s stability. The infrastructure of your home depends on your foundation. Which is why you should take good care to keep water far from it. With the assistance of the professionals at Dry Home Waterproofing and Drain Repair. You can secure the interior of your basement from water and moisture.

The Interior Waterproofing Process

interior waterproofing basement walls

basement walls interior waterproofing service

Before we begin working on your property. Our licensed and insured experts will examine your basement to find out where water is getting inside. Sometimes, you don’t see the leaks. But can feel and smell the moisture. With our combination of our tools and skill sets. We can locate the problem areas quickly and efficiently. Afterwards, we can move on to performing the waterproofing.

By using our interior waterproofing service, you can have the holes, cracks and gaps in your foundation properly sealed. We use products that are high-quality and that last for many years. If not, you can use our 25-year warranty to cover it. When we are sealing the interior of your basement. We don’t only focus on the foundation. We will also apply sealant to the walls. The products we use do more than just keep out water. But bacteria as well. Because concrete foundations are porous. It can be used to host mold and mildew. This can quickly grow and spread. Causing health issues within your household. To ensure the safety of your health and infrastructure. It’s highly recommended that you have interior waterproofing performed as soon as you notice moisture or leaks.

Interior Waterproofing for Finished Basements

Finished basements are no exception for basement waterproofing. This doesn’t help keep out water and moisture and it is actually recommended that you have finished basements waterproofed.

completed interior waterproofing service

basement after interior waterproofing service

After your basement has been properly sealed. It’s a good idea to have interior drainage systems installed. Such as a sump pump. This will act as a backup plan just in case water somehow gets through and floods your basement. There are exterior drainage systems that can and should be used as the first line of defense. Exterior drains help to deliver water away from your property when it snows or rains.

A free consultation can be provided to help you decide what waterproofing methods need to be used for your home. When you hire us to perform interior waterproofing. You will also receive expert advice about keeping your basement dry. Our services are available 24/7 for emergencies and can be used on commercial or residential properties located in the greater Toronto area.

Water can be a highly destructive substance when it comes to the construction of a home or building. Not securing your property against it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. If not tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. By using interior waterproofing, you can save money and your basement. To schedule an appointment for interior waterproofing, contact Dry Home Waterproofing and Drain Repair today!