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Exterior Waterproofing

The exterior of your home is at constant risk from outside elements. Rain, snow, ice and wind can eat away at your property’s structure slowly over time. Leading to the formation of cracks and holes. Sometimes, these are hard to see with the naked eye. For a lot of property owners, the “out of sight, out of mind” concept is in play. At least until water damage is caused by leaks or worse, a flood. With exterior waterproofing service that we offer at Dry Home Waterproofing and Drain Repair. You can prevent these scenarios from playing out in your basement. Prevention is the key to fighting against water damage done to your basement and foundation.

Our Exterior Waterproofing Service

exterior waterproofing service

exterior waterproofing service barrier

At our company, we believe that a basement should be protected from the inside and out. However, with this service, we will come to your home or business to inspect the exterior for damage. Once we have found all of the areas that have openings. We will seal them up. We will then move on to sealing the joints and windows of your home. Which are common culprits for water leaking into basements. The sealant will also be applied to other problem areas of your basement. Including the holes for the wires and light fixtures. No gap will be overlooked because it could come back to bite you in the future.

Exterior Waterproofing Service Inspection

Once the inspection is complete and all openings have been sealed. Our licensed experts will put up barriers to hold the water back from your windows and infrastructure. This will prevent standing water from eventually eating away your property. Getting inside of areas that are deteriorating. We will ensure that all areas of your home are barricaded. So that this is prevented.

foundation exterior waterproofing service

barrier on foundation for exterior waterproofing service

Outdoor drainage systems are a key component in having water driven away from your property. Whenever there is rain and snow. The water will be directed away from the foundation of your home. There are different types of draining methods that can be used for this purpose. Such as window wells. You can consult with our professionals to determine which drainage techniques would best suit your property.

To further help keep water away from your foundation. It’s a good idea to have downspouts installed. This will assist your gutter system with getting rid of excess water. Unfortunately, gutters aren’t always sufficient for this purpose. Given the fact that they clog or have improper slopes. Which can spill over water that sits at your foundation. Properly cleaning your gutters and ensuring they have the correct slope is important. With the combination of the two systems. You can ensure that your property is protected from water.

When you use our exterior waterproofing service. You’ll find it to be all-inclusive. We have designed this service to be well-rounded. So that nothing is left out. With our assistance, you can have the outside of your property waterproofed in a way that truly works for the long-term. To find out more about our exterior waterproofing service. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!