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Drain Snaking Services

The Basics of Drain Snaking Services

The drains in your home are vulnerable to hair, toilet paper and debris that may clog them. When this happens, you need drain snaking services in Toronto, like the service we offer at Dry Home. By hiring us to unclog drains in your commercial or residential property, you can ensure that the problem will be eradicated fairly quickly. Our licensed and insured waterproofing contractors are available to unclog drains night or day, thanks to our emergency drain cleaning service. Contact our office today to learn more about our drain snaking services and how it can be used for your property.

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What is Drain Snaking?

Likely, you’ve heard of a device called the plumber’s snake. If not, you may have seen it in department stores. This tool is commonly used by professional plumbers to get rid of clogs inside drains. You can purchase this tool yourself and try to unclog the drain, but this doesn’t always work. Knowing how to operate the device is important – and that’s where we come in. With the drain snaking tool we use, clogs are removed quickly and efficiently. We only use top-tier equipment for the plumbing jobs we perform. This ensures a high satisfaction rate amongst our customers.

Preventing Drain Clogs

All of the drains in your property must be properly maintained. Avoid flushing down too much toilet paper at once, and never flush toiletries or baby wipes. The toilet is only designed for two things, toilet paper and human waste. Try to keep it at that and your toilet drain should remain clog-free for a long time. Drain catchers can also be placed in your kitchen and bathroom sink and tub to help capture hair, soap bits and other debris that don’t belong in drains.

Sometimes even when you do everything within your power to prevent a clogged drain, it happens any way. And when it does, contact us to schedule your drain snaking service in Toronto.

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