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Clogged Sink Drains

Dealing with a clogged sink drain that just won’t go away? If you’ve tried using plumber’s snakes. Liquid drain cleaners or a plunger and have had little to no luck, contact a licensed professional. This is a sure way you can have your drain properly cleared away of clogs. At Dry Home Waterproofing and Drain Repair, we offer services to residential and commercial customers who have clogged drains. Our service is always fast and affordable. And our professionals are always licensed, insured and highly trained. Over the years, we have assisted countless property owners in Ontario. Toronto and other cities with their clogged sink drains.

clogged sink drains

a clogged sink drain with stagnant water

What Causes Sink Drain Clogs?

Knowing what caused your sink drain to clog can help you to prepare for or prevent it from happening again. Depending on which sink it is (kitchen or bathroom) and what you use the sink for will determine the likely culprit. For instance, if you only use your kitchen sink for washing dishes. The detergent, oil and fats from foods can all play a part in clogging your drain. This takes time to occur. But after years, this can become an issue. For bathroom sinks, the common cause for clogged drains is hair, soap and toothpaste. Whatever sink in your home is clogged. The licensed plumbers at Dry Home Waterproofing and Drain Repair can guarantee it will be freed quickly. Call us today to have your sink drains unclogged.

unclogged sink drains

unclogged sink drain flowing properly

Why Use Our Clogged Sink Drains  Service?

Other than being a licensed, bonded and insured company. We have been in the business of satisfying customers for many years. You will find our wide array of residential and commercial plumbing services. Great use for whatever type of property you own. When you need a reliable plumber for a clogged drain. You can count on us to do it. We also offer an emergency service. Which can be used 24-7 to attend to sink clogs that need to be taken care of right away.

To learn more about our clogged sink drain services, give our office a call today!